The Neriage Flute


Laura Sperling and studio potter, Rick Stafford have collaborated in creating the Neriage Flute. The Neriage process is an ancient Japanese technique updated this century in the United States and referred to as laminated porcelain. The technique involves combining colored porcelain into blocks of patterns or images. These patterns are then sliced and hand-built into pottery forms. Rick’s pottery is unique in that he is using Neriage images such as leaves and flowers as applique´ on colored porcelain slabs. The concept of an art piece as musical instrument is fully realized in the Neriage Flute. Each unique flute is signed by the artist and plays in either the key of F or G. These wonderful instruments delight the visual and aural senses with their timeless beauty.

Rick lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington’s Puget Sound where he has been a studio potter for twenty-three years.

To hear a little of the music of the Neriage flute, go to the Water Music samples and play ‘Manzanita’. To learn more about Rick Stafford, click here to jump to his page on this website.

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