My work as a performer...

I have always enjoyed performing - whether it has been the classical repertoire in a host of orchestral and chamber music ensembles or the widest range of folk music, jazz and ethnic music - I love the interplay between musicians and between musicians and our audience.

About my CD ‘Water Music’

There is a water cistern under Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington. The cistern is approximately 65 yards in diameter and 18 feet high. It was built in 1907 as the fort’s water supply and it held 2,000,000 gallons of water. The cistern has not been used for storage since the 1930’s. The naturally occurring reverberations can last up to 45 seconds, making it a unique environment for music. It has been the site of only a few recordings. The improvisations on the Neriage porcelain flute were an interaction with the remarkable acoustics of this magical and mystical abandoned water reservoir.

Finding a location so close to home with a sonic similarity to India’s Taj Mahal was incredible! The recording technique, using only two microphones; one trained on the flute and one to pick up the ambient echo, created an organic sound that is sonically complete and truly out of this world.

I hope you’ll enjoy these four samples from the album. Use this link to go to the samples page.

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