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Therapeutic Music

For hundreds of years, music has been used by many cultures to aid those suffering physiologically and spiritually. Ample studies have documented the therapeutic value of music in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice settings and other health-care facilities. Music is a valuable tool for psycho-spiritual integration and wholeness through pitch, resonance, rhythm and entrainment.


I have always enjoyed performing - whether it has been the classical repertoire in a host of orchestral and chamber music ensembles or the widest range of folk music, jazz and ethnic music - I love the interplay between musicians and between musicians and our audience.


Giving private flute and recorder lessons has been a continuous element of my life since I was a teenager. Just as my music teachers were key influences on my life, I provide that mentorship to my students - sharing with them my love for making music and all the ways it can benefit our lives.

Laura Sperling's CD 'Water Music'

I hope that you'll enjoy these samples from my CD 'Water Music' that are on YouTube.

Here's how to order a CD or Neriage Flute

You can order a CD or flute by contacting me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Rick Stafford, Ceramic Artist & the Neriage Flute

Rick Stafford is the gifted ceramic artist with whom I collaborate in creating this remarkable flutes. Here is more information about the Neriage clay and its process.


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Do you  want to find out more about my therapeutic music practice, schedule a lesson or purchase a CD or flute?

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